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Carl Quintanilla on Twitter: "* U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS CORONAVIRUS... (twitter.com)

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Trump announces "historical peace agreement" between Israel, United... (youtube.com)

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5:30pm Breaking Market News on Twitter: "WH PRESS SEC SAYS TRUMP TO... (twitter.com)

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Global Capital Is the Tail That Wags the U.S. Economic Dog - Carnegie... (carnegieendowment.org)

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Rubino: Well Played, Mr. President. Sorry To Have Doubted You | Zero... (zerohedge.com)

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(2) THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT - DOCUMENTARY October 9th, 2020 -... (youtube.com)

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What is the Electoral College and How Does it Work? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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"The Market Could Flip Again": Goldman Warns A "Blue Wave" May Still... (zerohedge.com)

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